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Discovered byYoshio Kushida and Osamu Muramatsu
Discovery date10 December 1993
1993 X1, 2000 T2
Orbital characteristics A
Semi-major axis3.806671
Orbital period7.43
Dimensions0.42 km[2]
Last perihelionFebruary 27, 2016[1]
September 22, 2008
Next perihelion2023-Dec-06 (Horizons)

147P/Kushida–Muramatsu is a quasi-Hilda[3] comet discovered in 1993 by Japanese astronomers Yoshio Kushida and Osamu Muramatsu.

According to calculations made by Katsuhiko Ohtsuka of the Tokyo Meteor Network and David Asher of Armagh Observatory, Kushida–Muramatsu was temporarily captured by Jupiter as an irregular moon between May 14, 1949, and July 15, 1962, (12.17+0.29
years).[3][4] It is the fifth such object known to have been captured.[3][5]

It is thought that quasi-Hilda comets may be escaped Hilda asteroids.[3] Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 is a more famous example of a quasi-Hilda comet.[3]


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