Millennium: 2nd millennium
1853 in various calendars
Gregorian calendar1853
Ab urbe condita2606
Armenian calendar1302
Assyrian calendar6603
Bahá'í calendar9–10
Balinese saka calendar1774–1775
Bengali calendar1260
Berber calendar2803
British Regnal year16 Vict. 1 – 17 Vict. 1
Buddhist calendar2397
Burmese calendar1215
Byzantine calendar7361–7362
Chinese calendar壬子(Water Rat)
4549 or 4489
    — to —
癸丑年 (Water Ox)
4550 or 4490
Coptic calendar1569–1570
Discordian calendar3019
Ethiopian calendar1845–1846
Hebrew calendar5613–5614
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat1909–1910
 - Shaka Samvat1774–1775
 - Kali Yuga4953–4954
Holocene calendar11853
Igbo calendar853–854
Iranian calendar1231–1232
Islamic calendar1269–1270
Japanese calendarKaei 6
Javanese calendar1781–1782
Julian calendarGregorian minus 12 days
Korean calendar4186
Minguo calendar59 before ROC
Nanakshahi calendar385
Thai solar calendar2395–2396
Tibetan calendar阳水鼠年
(male Water-Rat)
1979 or 1598 or 826
    — to —
(female Water-Ox)
1980 or 1599 or 827

1853 (MDCCCLIII) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar, the 1853rd year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 853rd year of the 2nd millennium, the 53rd year of the 19th century, and the 4th year of the 1850s decade. As of the start of 1853, the Gregorian calendar was 12 days ahead of the Julian calendar, which remained in localized use until 1923.






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Date unknown




Date unknown


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