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1995 Chinese FA Cup

1995 China Football Association Cup
Country China
ChampionsJinan Taishan (1st title)
Runners-upShanghai Shenhua
Asian Cup Winners' CupJinan Taishan (withdrawal)
Matches played29
Goals scored85 (2.93 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Tang Xiaocheng
(6 goals)[1]

The PHILIPS 1995 China FA Cup (Chinese: 1995飞利浦中国足球协会杯) was the inaugural edition of Chinese FA Cup after professional football league was established in China. The cup title sponsor was Philips.[2]



First round

First leg

Second leg

Second round

First leg

Second leg


First leg

Second leg


26 November Jinan Taishan2 – 0Shanghai ShenhuaWutaishan Stadium, Nanjing
16:00 Tang Xiaocheng  4'
Li Xiaopeng  28'
Referee: Yu Jingren


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