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1996 Chinese FA Cup

1996 China Football Association Cup
Country China
ChampionsBeijing Guoan (1st title)
Runners-upJinan Taishan Jiangjun
Asian Cup Winners' CupBeijing Guoan
Matches played45
Goals scored154 (3.42 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Hu Yunfeng
Li Bing
Song Yuming
(5 goals)[1]

The PHILIPS 1996 China FA Cup (Chinese: 1996飞利浦中国足球协会杯) was the second edition of Chinese FA Cup. The cup title sponsor was Philips.[2]



First round

First leg

30 June Dalian Shunfa0 – 1Tianjin SamsungDalian Locomotive Stadium, Dalian
30 June Shenyang Haishi1 – 3Shanghai YuyuanWulihe Stadium, Shenyang

Second leg

3 July Tianjin Samsung7 – 1
(8 - 1 agg.)
Dalian ShunfaMinyuan Stadium, Tianjin
3 July Bayi3 – 2
(4 - 3 agg.)
Henan ConstructionKunming Stadium, Kunming
3 July Shanghai Yuyuan2 – 1
(5 - 2 agg.)
Shenyang HaishiZhabei Stadium, Shanghai

Second round

First leg

7 July Bayi2 – 3Sichuan QuanxingKunming Stadium, Kunming
7 July Shanghai Yuyuan1 – 1Beijing GuoanZhabei Stadium, Shanghai

Second leg

10 July Beijing Guoan3 – 2
(4 - 3 agg.)
Shanghai YuyuanWorkers Stadium, Beijing

Third round

First leg

Second leg


First leg

Second leg


3 November Beijing Guoan4 – 1Jinan Taishan JiangjunWorkers Stadium, Beijing
14:50 Gao Hongbo  20'
Gao Feng  44'70'
Deng Lejun  68'
Tang Xiaocheng  50' Referee: Hiroyuki Umemoto (Japan)
Assistant referees: Yoshikazu Hiroshima (Japan), Yasuhiro Matsuzaki (Japan)


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