2000 San Diego Chargers season

2000 San Diego Chargers season
Head coachMike Riley
General managerBobby Beathard
OwnerAlex Spanos
Home fieldQualcomm Stadium
Division place5th AFC West
Playoff finishdid not qualify
Pro BowlersLB Junior Seau
P Darren Bennett[1]

The 2000 San Diego Chargers season was the franchise’s 31st season in the National Football League (NFL) and the 41st overall and the second under head coach Mike Riley. The Chargers failed to improve on their 8–8 record from 1999, and finished the season 1–15, the worst record of any Chargers team in history. The team lost its first eleven games before their only victory of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs (by one point, which was obtained on a last-second field goal). The Carolina Panthers would match this embarrassment the next year. The 2000 Chargers were also the first team to finish 1–15 and have their only win of the season be at home. Oddly enough, out of the ten teams in NFL history to finish 1–15, only two others had their only win at home (2007 Dolphins and 2016 Browns)

San Diego had a historically inept running attack in 2000; their 1,062 total team rushing yards (66.4 per game) is the lowest total of rushing yards by any team in NFL history in a 16-game season.[2] For perspective, the strike-shortened 1982 NFL season—which was a nine-game schedule—included thirteen teams who rushed for more yards than San Diego did in 2000, and the 1992 Seahawks, who scored only 140 points in 16 games, rushed for 1,596 yards.[3]

Despite this, there were a few bright spots; Darren Bennett and Junior Seau would be selected for the Pro Bowl that year.

After their miserable season, the Chargers earned the first overall pick in the next season’s draft. The Chargers would trade that pick to the Falcons and draft LaDainian Tomlinson and also Drew Brees, both of whom would contribute to the Chargers’ success in the middle and late 2000s.



NFL draft

2000 San Diego Chargers draft
Round Pick Player Position College Notes
2 43 Rogers Beckett  Safety Marshall
3 83 Damion McIntosh  Tackle Kansas State
4 111 Trevor Gaylor  Wide Receiver Miami from Philadelphia
4 113 Leonardo Carson  Defensive tackle Auburn from Detroit via Philadelphia
6 184 Shannon Taylor  Linebacker Virginia
6 203 Damen Wheeler  Cornerback Colorado
6 205 Ja'Juan Seider  Quarterback Florida A&M
7 222 Jason Thomas  Guard Hampton
      Made roster    *   Made at least one Pro Bowl during career



2000 San Diego Chargers staff
Front office
  • Chairman of the Board – Alex Spanos
  • President/Vice Chairman – Dean Spanos
  • Executive Vice President – Michael Spanos
  • Vice President of Football Operations – Ed McGuire
  • Director of Player Personnel – Billy Devaney
  • Director of Pro Personnel – Greg Gaines
  • Director of College Scouting – Jimmy Raye

Head coaches

Offensive coaches

Defensive coaches

Special teams coaches

  • Special Teams – Bruce Read

Strength and conditioning

  • Strength and Conditioning – John Hastings
  • Assistant Strength and Conditioning – Mike Schleelein


2000 San Diego Chargers final roster

Running backs

Wide receivers

Tight ends

Offensive linemen

Defensive linemen


Defensive backs

Special teams

Reserve lists

Practice squad

Rookies in italics
active, inactive, practice squad


Week Date Opponent Result TV Time (PT) Game site Record Attendance
1 September 3, 2000 at Oakland Raiders L 6–9 CBS 1:15pm Network Associates Coliseum 0–1
2 September 10, 2000 New Orleans Saints L 27–28 FOX 1:15pm Qualcomm Stadium 0–2
3 September 17, 2000 at Kansas City Chiefs L 10–42 CBS 1:05pm Arrowhead Stadium 0–3
4 September 24, 2000 Seattle Seahawks L 12–20 CBS 1:15pm Qualcomm Stadium 0–4
5 October 1, 2000 at St. Louis Rams L 31–57 CBS 10:00am Trans World Dome 0–5
6 October 8, 2000 Denver Broncos L 7–21 CBS 1:15pm Qualcomm Stadium 0–6
7 October 15, 2000 at Buffalo Bills L 24–27 (OT) CBS 10:00am Ralph Wilson Stadium 0–7
8 Bye
9 October 29, 2000 Oakland Raiders L 13–15 ESPN 5:35pm Qualcomm Stadium 0–8
10 November 5, 2000 at Seattle Seahawks L 15–17 CBS 1:15pm Husky Stadium 0–9
11 November 12, 2000 Miami Dolphins L 7–17 CBS 1:05pm Qualcomm Stadium 0–10
12 November 19, 2000 at Denver Broncos L 37–38 CBS 1:05pm Mile High Stadium 0–11
13 November 26, 2000 Kansas City Chiefs W 17–16 CBS 1:15pm Qualcomm Stadium 1–11
14 December 3, 2000 San Francisco 49ers L 17–45 FOX 1:05pm Qualcomm Stadium 1–12
15 December 10, 2000 at Baltimore Ravens L 3–24 CBS 10:00am PSINet Stadium 1–13
16 December 17, 2000 at Carolina Panthers L 22–30 CBS 10:00am Ericsson Stadium 1–14
17 December 24, 2000 Pittsburgh Steelers L 21–34 CBS 1:05pm Qualcomm Stadium 1–15


AFC West
(2) Oakland Raiders 12 4 0 .750 479 299 W1
(5) Denver Broncos 11 5 0 .688 485 369 W1
Kansas City Chiefs 7 9 0 .438 355 354 L1
Seattle Seahawks 6 10 0 .375 320 405 L1
San Diego Chargers 1 15 0 .063 269 440 L4


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