2001 Indianapolis Colts season

2001 Indianapolis Colts season
Head coachJim Mora
General managerBill Polian
OwnerJim Irsay
Home fieldRCA Dome
Division place4th AFC East
Playoff finishDid not qualify
Pro BowlersWR Marvin Harrison
TE Ken Dilger

The 2001 Indianapolis Colts season was the 49th season for the team in the National Football League and 18th in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Colts finished the National Football League's 2001 season with a record of 6 wins and 10 losses, and finished fourth in the AFC East division. In the process the Colts allowed 486 points in sixteen games, an average of 30 points per match and the franchise worst since the infamous 1981 Colts who allowed 533. At the time only the aforementioned Colts, the 1980 Saints and the notorious 1966 Giants (in a 14-game schedule) had ever allowed more points.[1] This would be the last time the Colts would miss the playoffs until 2011.



Additions Subtractions
CB Thomas Smith (Bears) QB Kelly Holcomb (Browns)
LB Donnel Thompson (Steelers)

NFL Draft

Round Pick Player Position School/Club Team
1 30 Reggie Wayne Wide Receiver Miami (FL)
2 37 Idrees Bashir Defensive Back Memphis
3 91 Cory Bird Defensive Back Virginia Tech
4 118 Ryan Diem Guard Northern Illinois
5 152 Raymond Walls Defensive Back Southern Mississippi
6 193 Jason Doering Defensive Back Wisconsin
7 220 Rick DeMulling Guard Idaho

Undrafted free agents

2001 Undrafted Free Agents of note
Player Position College
Dominic Rhodes Running Back Midwestern State
Nick Harper Cornerback Fort Valley State



2001 Indianapolis Colts staff
Front office
  • Owner and Chief Executive Officer – Jim Irsay
  • President – Bill Polian
  • Director of Football Operations – Dom Anile
  • Director of Pro Player Personnel – Clyde Powers
  • Assistant Director of Football Operations – Chris Polian
  • Director of Player Development – Steve Champlin
  • Coordinator of Player Personnel – John Becker
  • Director of College Scouting – Mike Butler

Head coaches

Offensive coaches

Defensive coaches

Special teams coaches

Strength and conditioning

  • Strength and Conditioning – Jon Torine
  • Assistant Strength and Conditioning – Richard Howell


Indianapolis Colts 2001 final roster

Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

Offensive Linemen

Defensive Linemen


Defensive Backs

Special Teams

Reserve Lists

Practice Squad

  • 12 Desmond Kitchings WR

Rookies in italics

Regular season


Week Date Opponent Result Record Game Site TV Time Attendance
1 September 9, 2001 at New York Jets W 45–24 1–0 The Meadowlands CBS 1:00 pm
2 September 23, 2001 Buffalo Bills W 42–26 2–0 RCA Dome CBS 1:00 pm
3 September 30, 2001 at New England Patriots L 13–44 2–1 Foxboro Stadium CBS 1:00 pm
4 Bye
5 October 14, 2001 Oakland Raiders L 18–23 2–2 RCA Dome ESPN 8:30 pm
6 October 21, 2001 New England Patriots L 17–38 2–3 RCA Dome CBS 1:00 pm
7 October 25, 2001 at Kansas City Chiefs W 35–28 3–3 Arrowhead Stadium ESPN 8:30 pm
8 November 4, 2001 at Buffalo Bills W 30–14 4–3 Ralph Wilson Stadium CBS 1:00 pm
9 November 11, 2001 Miami Dolphins L 24–27 4–4 RCA Dome CBS 1:00 pm
10 November 18, 2001 at New Orleans Saints L 20–34 4–5 Louisiana Superdome CBS 1:00 pm
11 November 25, 2001 San Francisco 49ers L 21–40 4–6 RCA Dome FOX 1:00 pm
12 December 2, 2001 at Baltimore Ravens L 27–39 4–7 PSINet Stadium CBS 1:00 pm
13 December 10, 2001 at Miami Dolphins L 6–41 4–8 Pro Player Stadium ABC 9:00 pm
14 December 16, 2001 Atlanta Falcons W 41–27 5–8 RCA Dome FOX 1:00 pm
15 December 23, 2001 New York Jets L 28–29 5–9 RCA Dome ESPN 8:30 pm
16 December 30, 2001 at St. Louis Rams L 17–42 5–10 Trans World Dome CBS 1:00 pm
17 January 6, 2002 Denver Broncos W 29–10 6–10 RCA Dome CBS 1:00 pm


AFC East
(2) New England Patriots 11 5 0 .688 371 272 W6
(4) Miami Dolphins 11 5 0 .688 344 290 W2
(6) New York Jets 10 6 0 .625 308 295 W1
Indianapolis Colts 6 10 0 .375 413 486 W1
Buffalo Bills 3 13 0 .188 265 420 L1

Season summary

The Colts suffered only the second losing season of Peyton Manning's career. After opening with dominant wins over the Jets and Buffalo, the Colts were crushed twice in three games by the Patriots to go with a loss to Oakland. Two more wins followed but the season fell apart with losses in seven of the season's final nine games; a 40–21 rout by the San Francisco 49ers on November 25 set off an infamous postgame press conference rant by coach Jim Mora in which he harped on four Manning interceptions, repeatedly noting one was returned (by the Niners' Zack Bronson) for a touchdown and the others set up San Francisco scores, and a fumble; he angrily scoffed at a reporter's question about the Colts' playoff chances when he barked, "What's that? Ah, playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game!" Mora was fired after the season.

Manning threw 23 interceptions during the season, the highest number of his career following his rookie season. He was sacked a career-high 29 times.


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