2001 Peach Bowl

2001 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl
1234 Total
North Carolina 7360 16
Auburn 00010 10
DateDecember 31, 2001
StadiumGeorgia Dome
LocationAtlanta, Georgia
United States TV coverage
AnnouncersRon Franklin and John Madden
Peach Bowl
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The 2001 Peach Bowl featured the North Carolina Tar Heels and Auburn Tigers.[1]

North Carolina scored on a 10-yard Willie Parker touchdown run, as UNC led 7–0 after 1 quarter of play. In the second quarter, Jeff Reed kicked a 22-yard field goal, extending North Carolina's lead to 10–0. In the third quarter, quarterback Ronald Curry scored on a 62-yard touchdown run giving North Carolina a 16–0 lead. In the fourth quarter, Damon Duval kicked a 34-yard field goal, and Daniel Cobb threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to Lorenzo Diamond, as North Carolina made the final score 16–10.[1]


UNC: Darian Durant 76 pass yds, Willie Parker 131 rush yds, Sam Aiken 73 rec yds.

Auburn: Jason Campbell 74 pass yds, Ronnie Brown 28 rush yds, Silas Daniels 21 rec yds.


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