2001 Walker Cup

38th Walker Cup Match
DatesAugust 11–12, 2001
VenueOcean Forest Golf Club
LocationSea Island, Georgia
9 15
Great Britain & Ireland wins the Walker Cup
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The 2001 Walker Cup, the 38th Walker Cup Match, was played on August 11 and 12, 2001, at Ocean Forest Golf Club in Sea Island, Georgia. The event was won by Great Britain and Ireland 15 to 9, marking the first time that Great Britain & Ireland retained the Cup (i.e., had two consecutive wins).



The format for play on Saturday and Sunday was the same. There were four matches of foursomes in the morning and eight singles matches in the afternoon. In all, 24 matches were played.

Each of the 24 matches is worth one point in the larger team competition. If a match is all square after the 18th hole extra holes are not played. Rather, each side earns ½ a point toward their team total. The team that accumulates at least 12½ points wins the competition. If the two teams are tied, the previous winner retains the trophy.


Ten players for the USA and Great Britain & Ireland participate in the event plus one non-playing captain for each team.

& Team Great Britain & Ireland
Name Age Hometown Notes
Peter McEvoy 48 Copt Heath, Solihull, England non-playing captain
Luke Donald 23 High Wycombe, England
Nick Dougherty 19 Chorley, England
Nigel Edwards 33 Caerphilly, Wales
Jamie Elson 20 Leamington Spa, England
Michael Hoey 22 Belfast, Northern Ireland
Graeme McDowell 22 Portrush, Northern Ireland
Richard McEvoy 22 Shoeburyness, England No relation to captain Peter McEvoy
Steven O'Hara 21 Motherwell, Scotland
Marc Warren 21 East Kilbride, Scotland
Gary Wolstenholme 40 Market Harborough, England
   Team USA
Name Age Hometown Notes
Danny Yates 49 Atlanta, Georgia non-playing captain
Nick Cassini 22 Athens, Georgia
Erik Compton 21 Miami, Florida
James Driscoll 23 Brookline, Massachusetts
David Eger 49 Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Lucas Glover 21 Greenville, South Carolina
Danny Green 44 Jackson, Tennessee
John Harris 49 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bryce Molder 22 Conway, Arkansas
Jeff Quinney 22 Eugene, Oregon
D. J. Trahan 20 Inman, South Carolina

Saturday's matches

Morning foursomes

& Results
O'Hara/Wolstenholme 5 and 3 Green/Trahan
Donald/Dougherty 4 and 3 Cassini/Glover
Elson/McEvoy halved Eger/Molder
McDowell/Hoey 3 and 1 Driscoll/Quinney

Afternoon singles

& Results
Gary Wolstenholme 3 and 2 Erik Compton
Steven O'Hara 2 and 1 D.J. Trahan
Nick Dougherty 2 and 1 James Driscoll
Nigel Edwards 5 and 4 Nick Cassini
Marc Warren 5 and 4 John Harris
Luke Donald 4 and 2 Jeff Quinney
Graeme McDowell 2 and 1 Bryce Molder
Michael Hoey 1 up Lucas Glover
3 Singles 5

Sunday's matches

Morning foursomes

& Results
Donald/Dougherty 3 and 2 Compton/Harris
McDowell/Hoey 2 and 1 Cassini/Glover
O'Hara/Warren 7 and 6 Eger/Molder
Elson/McEvoy 1 up Green/Trahan
3 Foursomes 1

Afternoon singles

& Results
Luke Donald 3 and 2 Lucas Glover
Nick Dougherty 1 up D.J. Trahan
Graeme McDowell 1 up Bryce Molder
Steven O'Hara 4 and 3 John Harris
Marc Warren 2 and 1 James Driscoll
Michael Hoey 1 up Danny Green
Jamie Elson halved Erik Compton
Gary Wolstenholme 4 and 3 Nick Cassini
15 Overall 9


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