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2011 Chinese FA Cup

2011 Chinese FA Cup
Country China
ChampionsTianjin Teda
(1st title)
Runners-upShandong Luneng
Champions LeagueTianjin TEDA
Matches played29
Goals scored65 (2.24 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Muriqui
(4 goals)
Best player Yu Dabao

The TOSHIBA 2011 Chinese FA Cup (Chinese: 东芝2011中国足球协会杯) was the 13th edition of Chinese FA Cup.

The match of first round began on 4 May 2011, and the final took place on 19 November 2011. Tianjin Teda won the title for the first time and earned a berth in the 2012 AFC Champions League.

The cup title sponsor is Japanese company Toshiba. A three-year deal was announced on 8 April 2011.[1]



Round Date Matches Clubs New entries this round
First round 4 May 2011 10 20 → 10 06 2011 Chinese Super League teams (addition to 2010 Chinese Super League 1st ~ 10th)
014 2011 China League One teams
Second round 11 or 12 May 2011 8 10 + 6 → 8 06 2010 Chinese Super League 5th ~ 10th
Third round 25 or 26 May 2011 4 8 → 4
Quarter-finals 21 September 2011 4 4 + 4 → 4 04 2010 Chinese Super League 1st ~ 4th
Semi-finals 19 October 2011 2 4 → 2
Final 19 November 2011 1 2 → 1
Total 30 clubs


Chinese Super League

Four of 2010 Chinese Super League teams are entered in Quarter-finals, Six of them are entered in Second round, Six of them are entered in First round, respectively. Total 16 teams took part in 2011 CFA Cup.

China League One

All of China League One teams are entered in First round. Total 14 teams took part in 2011 CFA Cup.


In each matchup, the one with a higher rank last season will be the home team.[2]

The ties are single matches, with a penalty shootout if necessary but no extra time, with the winners progressing to the next round.[3]

First round

4 May 2011 Nanchang Hengyuan3–1Beijing 361 DegreesNanchang Bayi Stadium, Nanchang
15:40 Yang Chen  26'78'
Liu Yintao  46'
Li Kuanglun  62'
4 May 2011 Guangzhou Evergrande3–2Guizhou ZhichengYuexiushan Stadium, Guangzhou
19:30 Muriqui  62'  64' (pen)  78' Wang Lichun  4'
Mauro  90'

Second round

Third Round

25 May 2011 Beijing Guoan6–1Nanchang HengyuanWorkers Stadium, Beijing
19:30 Wang Xiaolong  18' (pen)
Joel Griffiths  19'  25'
Xu Liang  30'
Roberto  59'
Darko Matić  81' (pen)
Ji Jun  68' Referee: Wang Jin
25 May 2011 Yanbian Baekdu Tigers1–1
(2–1 p)
Guangdong Sunray CavePeople's Stadium, Yanji
15:30 Gao Wanguo  23' Tan Binliang  58'
Pei Yuwen
Chi Zhongguo
Bai Shenghu
Han Qingsong
Pan Jia
Wang Chao
Cong Tianhao
Tan Binliang
Yu Jianfeng



19 October 2011 Tianjin TEDA2–0Shanghai ShenhuaTEDA Stadium, Tianjin
19:30 Bai Yuefeng  65'
Wang Xinxin  89'
Referee: Kim Jong-Hyeok


The final is set to be played at a neutral venue which is the Olympic Sports Center in Hefei. The final is a single match, with extra time and penalty shootout if necessary.

Shandong Luneng Taishan1–2Tianjin Teda
Han Peng  3' Wang Xinxin  12'
Yu Dabao  63'
Olympic Sports Center, Hefei
Attendance: 19,813
Referee: Yudai Yamamoto (Japan)

Assistant referees:
Takahiro Okano (Japan)
Satoshi Karakami (Japan)
Fourth official:
Fan Qi (China)


Goal scorers

4 goals
3 goals
2 goals
1 goal


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