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2012 Chinese FA Super Cup

2012 Chinese FA Super Cup
Date25 February 2012
VenueGuangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Central Stadium, Guangzhou
Man of the Match Cléo
RefereeTan Hai
WeatherLight Rain

The 2012 Chinese FA Super Cup (Chinese: 2012中国足球协会超级杯) was the 10th Chinese Football Super Cup, an annual football match contested by the winners of the previous season's Super League and FA Cup competitions. The match was played at the Guangzhou University City Stadium on 25 February 2012, and contested by league winner Guangzhou Evergrande and cup winner Tianjin Teda. Guangzhou Evergrande won the title 2–1.[1]


Match details

Guangzhou Evergrande2 - 1Tianjin Teda
Cléo  2'48' Report Wang Xinxin  83'
Guangzhou University City Stadium, Guangzhou
Attendance: 11,123
Referee: Tan Hai (Beijing) [2]
Guangzhou Evergrande
Tianjin Teda
GK 1 Yang Jun
RB 14 Li Jianhua (c)
CB 5 Zhang Linpeng
CB 6 Feng Xiaoting  87'
LB 32 Sun Xiang
DM 16 Cho Won-Hee
DM 37 Zhao Xuri  42'  59'
AM 15 Darío Conca  88'
RW 29 Gao Lin  68'
LW 11 Muriqui
CF 9 Cléo
GK 22 Li Shuai
DF 3 Paulão
DF 13 Tang Dechao
MF 7 Feng Junyan
MF 8 Qin Sheng  79'  59'
MF 17 Gao Zhilin
MF 26 Wu Pingfeng  88'
MF 33 Li Yan
FW 21 Jiang Ning  68'
Lee Jang-Soo
GK 1 Song Zhenyu
RB 4 Milan Susak  60'
CB 5 Li Weifeng
CB 29 Lucian Goian
LB 14 Bai Yuefeng
DM 42 Veliče Šumulikoski  31'
DM 2 He Yang  46'
RM 26 Cao Yang
LM 7 Li Benjian  77'
AM 10 Wang Xinxin (c)
ST 36 Sjoerd Ars
GK 25 Yang Qipeng
DF 19 Nie Tao  60'
DF 23 Li Hongyang
MF 6 Zhou Liao
MF 8 Hu Rentian  46'
MF 18 Zheng Yi
MF 27 Ma Leilei
FW 20 Mao Biao  77'
FW 41 Fan Zhiqiang
Josip Kuže

Assistant referees:
Su Jige (Beijing)
Huo Weiming (Beijing)

Fourth official:
Zhou Gang (Wuhan)

Chinese FA Super Cup
2012 Winners
Guangzhou Evergrande
First title

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