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2016 Chinese FA Super Cup

2016 Chinese FA Super Cup
Date27 February 2016
VenueChongqing Olympic Sports Center, Chongqing
Man of the Match Ricardo Goulart
RefereeTan Hai
WeatherClear / 17°C / 53% humidity

Chang'an Ford 2016 Chinese FA Super Cup (Chinese: 长安福特2016中国足球协会超级杯) was the 14th Chinese FA Super Cup. The match was played at Chongqing Olympic Sports Center on 27 February 2016, contested by Super League winners Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao and FA Cup winners Jiangsu Suning.[1] Guangzhou Evergrande beat Jiangsu Suning 2–0, thus winning their second Chinese FA Super Cup title after losing in recent three years.[2]




Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao2–0Jiangsu Suningyi Purchase
Goulart  14'39' Report
Olympic Sports Center, Chongqing
Attendance: 50,380
Referee: Tan Hai (Beijing)
GK 19 Zeng Cheng
RB 5 Zhang Linpeng
CB 6 Feng Xiaoting
CB 28 Kim Young-gwon
LB 35 Li Xuepeng  38'
DM 8 Paulinho
DM 10 Zheng Zhi (c)
AM 11 Ricardo Goulart
RW 16 Huang Bowen  74'  86'
LW 20 Yu Hanchao
CF 9 Jackson Martínez  90'
GK 32 Liu Dianzuo
DF 3 Mei Fang
DF 17 Liu Jian  90'
MF 12 Wang Shangyuan
MF 27 Zheng Long  86'
FW 7 Alan Carvalho
FW 29 Gao Lin
Luiz Felipe Scolari
GK 30 Zhang Sipeng
RB 5 Zhou Yun
CB 2 Li Ang
CB 6 Trent Sainsbury
LB 23 Ren Hang  27'
DM 12 Zhang Xiaobin
DM 22 Wu Xi (c)  86'
AM 16 Sammir
RW 7 Ramires
LW 24 Ji Xiang  71'
CF 9  46'
GK 1 Gu Chao
DF 32 Liu Wei
MF 10 Alex Teixeira  90'  46'
MF 11 Xie Pengfei  86'
MF 13 Tao Yuan
MF 20 Zhang Xinlin  71'
FW 50 Ge Wei
Dan Petrescu

Man of the Match:
Ricardo Goulart (Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao)

Assistant referees:
Huo Weiming (Beijing)
Cao Yi (Henan)
Fourth official:
Fan Qi (Vanguard)

Chinese FA Super Cup
2016 Winners
Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao
Second title


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