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Aaron Hamill

Aaron Hamill
Personal information
Date of birth 20 August 1977 (age 42)
Original team(s) Tuggeranong (ACTFL)
Debut Round 15, 13 July 1996, Carlton
vs. Adelaide, at Optus Oval
Height 184 cm (6 ft 0 in)
Weight 94 kg (207 lb)
Playing career1
Years Club Games (Goals)
1996–2000 Carlton 092 (114)
2001–2006 St Kilda 098 (125)
Total 190 (239)
1 Playing statistics correct to the end of 2006.
Career highlights
  • Carlton pre-season cup winning side 1997
  • St Kilda Football Club captain 2003
  • 3rd in Trevor Barker Award 2001
  • St Kilda pre-season cup winning side 2004[1]
Sources: AFL Tables , AustralianFootball.com

Aaron Hamill (born 20 August 1977) is a former professional Australian rules footballer, who is best known for his time at the St Kilda Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL) when he briefly captained the club.

Hamill currently serves as the forwards coach of St Kilda.[2]


Early life

Having played rugby league, rugby union and basketball as a junior, Hamill first played Australian rules football in the Australian Capital Territory for the Tuggeranong Bulldogs Football Club. He attended Fadden Primary School, Marist College, Melrose High School and Phillip College (now Canberra College). He went to Melrose High School with Essendon and Richmond player Justin Blumfield.

AFL career

Carlton Football Club

Hamill was recruited late in the 1994 AFL Draft, with the 79th overall pick. Making his senior debut in 1996 with the Carlton Blues, Hamill was a favourite among supporters for his strong marking and goalkicking. He was a key part of the Blues 1997 pre-season premiership side and was also part of Carlton's runner up team in 1999. He played with Carlton from 1996 to 2000 with 92 games and 114 goals. At the end of the 2000 season he was traded to St Kilda, after having an argument with Carlton president John Elliott.

St Kilda Football Club

At the end of 2000 he moved to St Kilda, among other big name signings, such as Fraser Gehrig and Steven Lawrence.

He was named captain of the Saints for the 2003 season and his influence for the team was unquestionable. He had a tough, uncompromising style, always committing himself to the contest. As a result, he sustained many injuries over his career, and midway through 2005 he missed a large part of the season with an assortment of hip, shoulder, and knee injuries. Due to the same array of injuries, he missed the entire 2007 season. Doctors advised Hamill that he should retire from the game due to the toll it takes on his body. Although he had the desire to continue, many coaches and medicos told him he was unable to continue. After seeking a trade mid season, he decided to retire, closing the book on an illustrious career at both Carlton and St. Kilda.


On 3 October 2007 Hamill announced his retirement from AFL football.

Hamill played 190 AFL matches with Carlton and St Kilda. In a career crippled by injury towards the end, he was remembered for his uncompromising attack on the football. He was a member of preseason premiership sides at both clubs.

"The decision to retire has been one of the hardest to make in my football career. However, I felt it was in the best interest of the club moving forward", Hamill said. "This will now allow a younger player to step up and cement themselves in the St Kilda side ... I would like to thank my family and close friends for their support over the journey. I am grateful to the Carlton Football Club for providing me with the opportunity to play and develop as a footballer", he said. "Their inspirational leaders taught me to crave success and dedication to a cause, which will stay with me forever. I would also like to express my gratitude to Grant Thomas whose efforts did not go unnoticed by the playing group during his six years as coach. I wish Ross Lyon and the St Kilda Football Club all the best moving forward and hope that the current playing group will achieve the ultimate success."[3]

St Kilda coach Ross Lyon reflected on Hamill's contribution to the club. "Aaron is a tremendously respected figure and he has played a significant role in getting this team to where it stands today. We all wish him the best in his retirement as he prepares for life after footy."[citation needed]

Career statistics



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