Abu Mansur Mauhub al-Jawaliqi

BornAbu Mansur Mauhub ibn Ahmad bin Muhammad bin al-Khidhr bin al-Hassan al-Jawaliqi al-Baghdadi
أبو منصور موهوب بن أحمد بن محمد بن الخضر بن الحسن الجواليقي البغدادي
April 1074
Baghdad, Iraq
Died17 July 1144 (aged 70)
Baghdad, Iraq
OccupationArab grammarian, philologist
PeriodIslamic golden age
(Later Abbasid era)
Notable worksKitab al-Mu'arrab
کتاب المُعَرَّب

Abū Manṣūr Mauhūb al-Jawālīqī (Arabic: أبو منصور الجواليقي‎) (April 1074–17 July 1144), Arab grammarian, was born in Baghdād, where he studied philology under Khātib al-Tibrizī (1030 - 1109) and became famous for his handwriting. In his later years he acted as Imam to the Abbāsid caliph Al-Muqtafi.



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