Anne of Savoy

Anne of Savoy
Princess of Squillace, Altamura, and Taranto
Born1 June 1455
DiedFebruary 1480 (aged 24)
Noble familySavoy
Spouse(s)King Frederick IV of Naples
Charlotte of Naples, Princess of Taranto
FatherAmadeus IX of Savoy
MotherYolande of France

Anne of Savoy, Princess of Squillace, Altamura, and Taranto (1 June 1455 – February 1480) was the first wife of King Frederick IV. She died 16 years before he succeeded to the Neapolitan throne, so she was never queen consort. Anne was a member of the House of Savoy, and through her mother Yolande of France, she was a granddaughter of King Charles VII of France.


Family and marriage

Anne was born on 1 June 1455, the eldest daughter and one of the 10 children of Amadeus IX of Savoy and Yolande of France, daughter of King Charles VII of France and Marie of Anjou. She had seven brothers, including Philibert and Charles; and two younger sisters. Due to her father's epilepsy, her mother ruled Savoy.

In the summer of 1479 in Milan, Anne married Frederick of Aragon, Prince of Squillace, Altamura and Tarento (1452–1504), the future King Frederick IV of Naples.[1] Together they had:

Death and legacy

Anne died in March 1480, probably in childbirth or shortly afterwards.[1] She was buried in Chambéry. Her husband married as his second wife, Isabella del Balzo,[1] by whom he had five more children. In 1496, 16 years after Anne's death, he ascended the throne as the last King of Naples of the House of Trastamara.

Her daughter, Charlotte was brought up at the French court. In 1496, she succeeded to the suo jure title of Princess of Taranto.



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