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Anthony Nelson (musician)

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Anthony Nelson
Birth nameAnthony Jerrod Nelson
BornOctober 6, 1975 (age 44)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
OriginSaint Gabriel, Louisiana
GenresGospel, Contemporary Christian, Praise and worship
Occupation(s)Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Producer, multi-instrument musician, engineer
InstrumentsVocals, bass guitar, keyboard
Years active2015-Present

Anthony Nelson (born 1975) is an American Gospel Singer, songwriter, composer, producer and lead for his band Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers. He is best known for his Billboard#1 Gospel hit, "Deeper".[1]



Anthony Nelson was born an only child to the late Joe and Joyce Nelson on October 6, 1975. His exposure to gospel music came at a young age through his mother and grandmother who were both gospel vocalists. Nelson would go to earn a Bachelor of Science from Southern University and A&M College and then a Masters of Science from Louisiana State University[2] and find work as an environmental engineer.[2][3]

After his parents passing he found himself drifting from the church he attended regularly. During his grief, he focused on his relationship with God and started using music to foster this relationship eventually finding himself back in church with a newfound relationship to God.[3][4] Nelson would go on to become a Minister of Music and utilize music to heal and lead worship.[5]

Nelson wanted to share his music and the Lord's message with the world and formed the band "The Overcomers". Nelson and the Overcomers would gain fame through listings on Billboard Top Ten Hits[6] and a number one hit on Amazon's top 100 Christian Bestsellers.[1] The band's success would bring in new fans and allow Nelson to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music to listeners around the world.

Forming The Overcomers

Nelson knew his love for music was the best way to share the Lord's message and in order to avoid the chaos that typically comes with the formation of a band, he recruited family members. Together they created music that combined various styles of folk, R&B, Soul, and Pop[7] but kept with the true importance of having lyrics that are biblically and doctrinally sound.

First album

The band released a radio single “Dedicate” prior to the release of the debut album. The album, entitled “Love Jesus, Love People” featured twelve tracks with a contemporary adult R&B sound.


Billboard success

The band recorded two singles after Love Jesus, Love People was released. Deeper and Undeserved were both Billboard Top Ten hits, with Deeper coming in at the number one spot for the Gospel category.[6] Both songs are part of the upcoming release entitled “Worship: In Spirit and in Truth”.


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