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Aristocreon (Greek: Ἀριστοκρέων; fl. 200 BC) was a Stoic philosopher and the nephew of Chrysippus.


Aristocreon was a son of the sister of Chrysippus, and became his pupil.[1] Chrysippus dedicated several of his works to him.[2] Of the few facts known about Aristocreon's life, it is known that between 229 and 190 BC, he was in Athens, where he obtained the official position of a Proxenos (a consular agent acting for another city).[3] He was still alive in Athens in 184 BC.[3] Plutarch records that Aristocreon erected a bronze statue of his uncle on a pillar and engraved a verse to him:

Of uncle Chrysippus Aristocreon this likeness erected;
The knots the Academy tied, the cleaver, Chrysippus, dissected.[4]

It is not known whether this Aristocreon is the same as the author of a description of Egypt.[5]


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