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Phoenix Trolley Museum

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Phoenix Trolley Museum
Phoenix Trolley Museum
Location1117 Grand Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
TypeRailway museum

The Phoenix Trolley Museum, incorporated as the Arizona Street Railway Museum, is a railway museum established in 1975, with an emphasis on preserving historical street cars in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The museum's mission is "[to] tell the Phoenix streetcar story."



The museum was located next to the Margaret Hance Deck Park on Interstate 10 in downtown Phoenix until December, 2017.

In 2016, the City of Phoenix declined to renew the museum's lease for another five-year period, and the Hance Park location was closed.[1][2][3]

The museum has relocated to a site along Phoenix's historic Grand Avenue, one of the earliest trolley lines in the city. The museum is developing plans to construct a new museum on the site and is raising the funds to do so.[4]

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