Artux -



ئاتۇش شەھىرى
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Autonomous regionXinjiang
PrefectureKizilsu (Kirghiz)
 • Total15,698 km2 (6,061 sq mi)
 • Total210,000
 • Density13/km2 (35/sq mi)
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese阿图什
Traditional Chinese阿圖什
Uyghur name
Kyrgyz name

Artux (also as Atushi; Chinese: 阿图什市; pinyin: Ātúshí Shì[1]) is a county-level city and the capital of the Kyrgyz autonomous prefecture of Kizilsu in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. The city has two subdistricts, five townships and three farms under its jurisdiction in 2018, The government seat is in Guangminglu Subdistrict (光明路街道).[2]


Geography and climate

It is situated in the northwest part of the Tarim Basin, south of the Tien Shan mountains. The city's annual mean temperature is 12.0 °C (53.6 °F), precipitation 80 mm (3.1 in).


Artux's economy is primarily agriculture, the agricultural products are mainly cotton, grapes, and sheep.


Artux is served by the Southern Xinjiang Railway.


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