Bears–Vikings rivalry

Chicago Bears–Minnesota Vikings
The Bears and Vikings at the line of scrimmage in 2012
First meetingSeptember 17, 1961
Vikings 37, Bears 13
Latest meetingDecember 29, 2019
Bears 21, Vikings 19
Next meeting2020 (TBA)
Meetings total118
All-time seriesVikings, 60–56–2
Postseason resultsBears, 1–0

  • January 1, 1995,
    Bears, 35, Vikings 18
Largest victory
  • Vikings, 31–0 (1969)
  • Bears, 34–3 (1984)
  • Bears, 38–7 (1989)
Longest win streakVikings, 8 (1972–1976)
Bears, 6 (1983–1986), (2009–2012)
Current win streakBears, 4 (2018–Present)

The Bears–Vikings rivalry is an NFL rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

It began when the Vikings entered the league as an expansion team in 1961. The first time these two teams met, the Vikings stunned the Bears 37–13 in Minnesota. Both teams are members of the NFC North, and play at least twice a year. The rivalry is known for having had many offensive-oriented contests, and also several surprising results.[citation needed] The Vikings lead the overall series 60–56–2. The teams have met once in the postseason, a 35–18 Bears win in the 1994 Wild Card Round.


Notable Moments

Game Results

Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings Season-by-Season Results

Players that played for both teams

Name Pos. Years with Bears Years with Vikings
Jared Allen DE 2014–15 2008-13
D'Wayne Bates WR 1999–2001 2002-03
Bob Grim WR 1975 1967-71, 1976-77
Mike Hartenstine DE 1975–86 1987
Alan Page DT 1978–81 1967-78
Corey Wootton DE 2010–13 2014

See also

Other rivalries involving the two teams


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