Beuchat International
FounderGeorges Beuchat
ProductsScuba diving
BrandsPêche-Sport, Tarzan

Beuchat International, better known as Beuchat, is a company that designs, manufactures and markets underwater equipment. It was established in 1934 in Marseille, France, by Georges Beuchat, who descended from a Swiss watchmaking family.

Georges Beuchat was an underwater pioneer who co-founded the French Underwater Federation in 1948. During its 75-year history, the company has deployed several different brand names, among them: "Pêche Sport", "Tarzan", "Beuchat", "Beuchat Sub" and "Beuchat International".

Georges Beuchat sold the company in 1982 to the Alvarez de Toledo family. The firm is now owned by the Margnat family, who took over in 2002. Beuchat is an international company. From the outset, Georges Beuchat extended his operations beyond the borders of France, selling his products worldwide. In the 1970s, he created the Beuchat swordfish logo, which can still be found on every product.



Beuchat currently has 3 core ranges:



Ever since the company was established, Beuchat has manufactured spearfishing equipment, enabling spearfishers such as Pedro Carbonell, Sylvain Pioch, Pierre Roy, Ghislain Guillou and Vladimir Dokuchajev to gain numerous national and international titles.[18]


The Scubapro logo: "S" was adapted from the Beuchat "Souplair" regulator.


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