Bob Deuell -

Bob Deuell

Robert Franklin "Bob" Deuell
Deuell at the 2006 Hopkins County Stew Festival in Sulphur Springs, Texas
Member of the Texas Senate
from the 2nd district
In office
2003 – January 13, 2015
Preceded byDavid H. Cain
Succeeded byBob Hall
Personal details
BornMarch 11, 1950 (age 70)
Political partyRepublican
Spouse(s)Marilyn Deuell
ChildrenThree children
ResidenceGreenville, Hunt County
Texas, USA
Alma materGeorge Mason University
Medical College of Virginia

Robert Franklin Deuell, known as Bob Deuell (born 11 March 1950)[1] is a physician from Greenville, Texas, who was a Republican member of the Texas Senate. He entered office in 2003 and represented the ten counties of Senate District 2 in the northeastern portion of the state.

Deuell was narrowly unseated in the runoff election held on May 27, 2014; he polled 17,930 (49.6 percent) to intraparty challenger Bob Hall's 18,230 (50.4 percent).[2][3] Deuell had led a three-candidate field in the primary on March 4, with 23,847 votes (48.5 percent). Because he fell short of a majority, he was placed in the runoff with the number-two candidate, Bob Hall, who in the primary polled 19,085 votes (38.8 percent). The remaining 6,240 votes (12.7 percent) went to the third candidate, Mark Thompson.[4]



Deuell, was educated at George Mason University in Fairfax County, Virginia, and the Medical College of Virginia. He is a partner in Primary Care Associates in Greenville, Texas. He is a member of the American Medical Association and Texas Medical Association. He is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Deuell and his wife, Marilyn, reside in Greenville in Hunt County. They have three children, Paul, Brian, and Jennifer.

Legislative history

During the Seventy-ninth Texas Legislature (2005), Deuell passed legislation to help ensure firefighters and other first responders who contract diseases in the line of duty receive the benefits they deserve (Senate Bill 310), created a statewide stroke emergency plan with the Texas Stroke Act (Senate Bill 330), authorized a medical dispatch program for rural areas (Senate Bill 523) and set up a Medicaid buy-in program for the working disabled (Senate Bill 565). Deuell also worked to ensure passage of bills dealing with issues such as education, transportation, lawsuit reform and family issues.

In the Eightieth Texas Legislature Senator Deuell was tapped by Lt. Governor David Dewhurst to carry Jessica's Law legislation, aimed at protecting society's most vulnerable population from child predators. Governor Rick Perry signed this bill into law on July 17, 2007. Deuell also worked to advance issues as diverse as Medicaid reform and incentives programs to attract film and television production to Texas. For his work in this Session, Deuell was named as one of Texas Monthly's Best Legislators.[citation needed]

In 2013, Deuell co-authored legislation that would require abortion providers to abide by the same regulations as ambulatory surgical centers. Critics characterized the bill as a TRAP law that would enact a "virtual ban on abortion in Texas."[5][6]

During the 83rd Legislative Session, which was his first as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Deuell worked for passage of several bills to help ensure the Texas economy continues to lead the nation. Key measures include:

Renewal of the Texas Economic Development Act (SB 1647 by Sen. Deuell / HB 3390 by Representative Harvey Hilderbran) - this successful state program has brought over $60 billion in capital investment, over 6,500 jobs, and almost $600 million in direct payments to school districts since 2001. In renewing the act, Deuell added strong taxpayer protections such as an annual ongoing audit and monetary penalties for failure to meet job-creation requirements (any penalties collected will go to Foundation School Fund).

Research and Development Incentives (SB 859 by Sen. Deuell / HB 800 by Rep. Murphy) - A study by Texans for Innovation indicates that this legislation could result in $13 billion in increased economic activity, $4.5 billion in increased wages and income, and 97,000 new permanent jobs.

Current District 113 state Representative Cindy Burkett of Sunnyvale is a former legislative aide and deputy regional director for Senator Deuell.[7]


From early on in his legislative career Deuell received recognition for his service through awards and accolades such as the “Fighter for Free Enterprise Award,” from the Texas Association of Business, the “CLEAT Legislative Award” from the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, being named “Outstanding Senator”' by the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters, receipt of the “Patient Advocacy Award” from the Texas Academy of Family Physicians, being named “Freshman Senator of the Year” by the Texas Young Republican Federation, and receiving an “A++” rating from the Texas Right to Life Committee. In addition, Deuell was honored with the “Patient Protectorate Award’ and was named one of “Texas Medicine’s Best” by the Texas Medical Association.[citation needed]

In February 2005 Deuell was honored by Goodwill Industries of Texas for advocacy in support of Texans with disabilities. The “Goodwill Distinguished Service Award,” the first of its kind to be awarded to a member of the Texas Legislature, is presented for “exemplary service and outstanding advocacy on behalf of persons with disabilities.”[citation needed]

Following the conclusion of the 79th Legislative Session, Deuell received the American Heart Association's “Heart of Honor” award for contributions in reducing the death and disability of heart disease and stroke in Texas. The “Heart of Honor” is the top honor given by the American Heart Association.

In July 2005 Deuell received the “Legislative Crimefighter of the Year” Award from the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas for his work on behalf of the law enforcement community in the 79th Legislature.


Deuell is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Economic Development, serves on the Senate Finance and Natural Resources committees, and is vice-chair of both the Health and Human Services and State Affairs committees.

In addition, Deuell was selected by Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst to serve on the Senate Select Committee on Water Policy. He is a vice-chair of the Rural Caucus. Senator Deuell is a former chair of the Senate Republican Caucus.


Election history

Most recent elections


Republican Primary Runoff, 2014: Senate District 2[8]
Candidate Votes % ±
Bob Hall 18,230 50.4
Bob Deuell 17,930 49.6
Turnout 36,160
Republican Primary, 2014: Senate District 2[9]
Candidate Votes % ±
Bob Hall 19,085 38.8
Bob Deuell 23,847 48.5
Mark Thompson 6,240 12.7
Turnout 49,172


Texas general election, 2010: Senate District 2[10]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Bob Deuell 105,779 66.38 -12.30
Democratic Kathleen Shaw 53,566 33.61 -10.95
Turnout 159,345 +35.64
Republican hold


Texas general election, 2006: Senate District 2[11]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Bob Deuell 92,431 78.68 +24.74
Libertarian Dennis Kaptain 25,403 21.31 +19.82
Majority 67,388 57.36 +47.98
Turnout 117,474 -20.86
Republican hold
Republican primary, 2006: Senate District 2[12]
Candidate Votes % ±
Bob Deuell 17,026 67.34
Tim McCallum 8,259 32.66
Majority 8,767 34.67
Turnout 25,285

Previous elections


Texas general election, 2002: Senate District 2[13]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Bob Deuell 80,075 53.94 +7.12
Democratic David H. Cain 66,151 44.56 -8.61
Libertarian Robert Parker 2,217 1.49 +1.49
Majority 13,924 9.38 +3.03
Turnout 148,443 -21.21
Republican gain from Democratic


Texas general election, 2000: Senate District 2[14]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Bob Deuell 88,212 46.82 -1.00
Democratic David H. Cain 100,181 53.18 +1.00
Majority 11,969 6.35 +2.01
Turnout 188,393 +19.02
Democratic hold
Republican primary runoff, 2000: Senate District 2[15]
Candidate Votes % ±
Bob Deuell 4,633 62.79
Richard Harvey 2,746 37.21
Majority 1,887 25.57
Turnout 7,379
Republican primary, 2000: Senate District 2[16]
Candidate Votes % ±
Bob Deuell 9,916 36.60
Richard Harvey 10,263 37.88
Keith Wheeler 6,912 25.51
Turnout 27,091


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Preceded by
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Texas State Senator
from District 2 (Greenville)

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