Bonne of Luxembourg

Bonne of Luxembourg
Duchess of Normandy
Bonne of Luxembourg with her husband
Born20 May 1315
Prague, Bohemia
Died11 September 1349 (aged 34)
Maubuisson, France
SpouseJohn II, King of France
IssueCharles V, King of France
Louis I, Duke of Anjou
John, Duke of Berry
Philip II, Duke of Burgundy
Joan, Queen of Navarre
Marie, Duchess of Bar
Isabella, Lady of Milan
FatherJohn, King of Bohemia
MotherElizabeth of Bohemia

Bonne of Luxemburg or Jutta of Luxemburg (20 May 1315 – 11 September 1349), was born Jutta (Judith), the second daughter of John the Blind, king of Bohemia,[1] and his first wife, Elisabeth of Bohemia.[2] She was the first wife of King John II of France; however, as she died a year prior to his accession, she was never a French queen. Jutta was referred to in French historiography as Bonne de Luxembourg. She was a member of the House of Luxembourg. Among her children were Charles V of France, Philip II, Duke of Burgundy, and Joan, Queen of Navarre.



In June or July 1315, Jutta was betrothed to Kazimierz III Wielki, son of Władysław Łokietek.[3]

In 1326, Jutta was originally betrothed to Henry of Bar; however this arrangement was broken and she stayed at the abbey of Saint-Esprit until her marriage to John, Duke of Normandy.[4]

Jutta was married to John, Duke of Normandy on 28 July 1332[4] at the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame, Melun. She was 17 years old, and the future king was 13. Her name Jutta (or Guta), translatable into English as Good (in the feminine case), was changed by the time of her marriage to Bonne (French) or Bona (Latin). Upon marriage, Bonne was the wife of the heir to the French throne, becoming Duchess of Normandy, and Countess of Anjou and of Maine. The wedding was celebrated in the presence of six thousand guests. The festivities were prolonged by a further two months when the young groom was finally knighted at the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. John was solemnly granted the arms of a knight in front of a prestigious audience bringing together the kings of Bohemia and Navarre, and the dukes of Burgundy, Lorraine and the Brabant.

Bonne was a patron of the arts, the composer Guillaume de Machaut being one of her favorites.[5]

She died on 11 September 1349 of the bubonic plague in Maubuisson, France at the age of thirty-four.[1] She was buried in the Abbey of Maubuisson.[6]

Less than six months after Bonne's death, John married Joan I, Countess of Auvergne.


John and Bonne had the following children together:



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