Bruce Kalish

Bruce Kalish
Bruce Eliott Kalish

May 22, 1952 (age 69)
OccupationTV screenwriter and producer
Years active1977–present
(m. 1990)
Parent(s)Austin & Irma Kalish

Bruce Elliot Kalish (born May 22, 1952 in Los Angeles, California) is a television writer and producer. He is the son of veteran TV producers Austin Kalish and Irma Kalish.


Career biography

He began his career working on shows such as The Incredible Hulk, Mork & Mindy, and served as executive producer on The Fall Guy. His more recent work on The Famous Jett Jackson won numerous awards, including the Gemini award for best show in 2002 and led him to be tapped by Disney as Executive Producer and writer for Power Rangers, starting with 2005's Power Rangers: S.P.D. and ending with 2008's Power Rangers: Jungle Fury. Several of Kalish's former writing partners, such as David Garber joined him when he took the position.

Prior to taking over as executive producer, he had previously written an episode of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder titled "Isn't It Lava-ly".

Bruce Kalish has been the inspiration for a new word developed by the Power Ranger Fandom. Kalishplosions[2][3][4] or Kalisplosions[5] is a misnomer referring to overly exaggerated pyrotechnics (In specific, explosions blowing up directly behind castmembers which are then depicted going off in slow-motion) detonated in the seasons produced by Kalish and has become a running joke on Power Ranger messageboards, despite their recurrence in Power Rangers predating his tenure with the series. It has since been revealed at Power Morphicon that Kalish himself had little to do with the explosions and stunt-work created for Power Rangers. Instead, the individual responsible and credited in episodes as creating such scenes is Stunt director and choreographer Mark Harris, who signed onto the Power Rangers production team prior To Kalish's Tenure beginning with Ninja Storm. However, the recurrence of such explosions is often miscredited by Kalish himself to being caused by his Co-Executive Producer Koichi Sakamoto, due to Sakamoto's own tendency to make use of explosions alongside other, more dynamic choreography than is seen and criticized as being part of the Kalishplosion phenomena. Sakamoto's own body of work that has nothing to do with Power Rangers (IE: Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Garo) serves to refute the allegation as it is not seen in any other series he is credited as having done stunt directing for; while Power Rangers' production to this day still has Harris as a Stunt Director and relatedly the series still possesses them in their original action sequences.

Kalish's other television credits include Good Times, Eight Is Enough, 227, What's Happening!!, Too Close for Comfort, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High and most recently Aaron Stone.

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Personal life

Kalish married actress Leah Ayres in 1990. Their son, Mackenzie Austin Kalish, who was born on June 21, 1993.


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