Canoeing at the 1948 Summer Olympics

at the Games of the XIV Olympiad
No. of events9
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At the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, nine events in sprint canoe racing were contested. For the first time, a women's event was part of the Olympic program.


Medal table

1 Sweden (SWE)4004
2 Czechoslovakia (TCH)3104
3 Denmark (DEN)1203
 United States (USA)1203
5 Finland (FIN)0123
6 Canada (CAN)0112
 Norway (NOR)0112
8 Netherlands (NED)0101
9 France (FRA)0044
10 Austria (AUT)0011
Totals (10 nations)99927

Medal summary

Men's events

Games Gold Silver Bronze
C-1 1000 metres
 Josef Holeček (TCH)  Douglas Bennett (CAN)  Robert Boutigny (FRA)
C-1 10000 metres
 František Čapek (TCH)  Frank Havens (USA)  Norman Lane (CAN)
C-2 1000 metres
 Jan Brzák-Felix
and Bohumil Kudrna (TCH)
 Steven Lysak
and Stephen Macknowski (USA)
 Georges Dransart
and Georges Gandil (FRA)
C-2 10000 metres
 Steven Lysak
and Stephen Macknowski (USA)
 Václav Havel
and Jiří Pecka (TCH)
 Georges Dransart
and Georges Gandil (FRA)
K-1 1000 metres
 Gert Fredriksson (SWE)  Johan Andersen (DEN)  Henri Eberhardt (FRA)
K-1 10000 metres
 Gert Fredriksson (SWE)  Kurt Wires (FIN)  Eivind Skabo (NOR)
K-2 1000 metres
 Hans Berglund
and Lennart Klingström (SWE)
 Ejvind Hansen
and Bernhard Jensen (DEN)
 Thor Axelsson
and Nils Björklöf (FIN)
K-2 10000 metres
 Gunnar Åkerlund
and Hans Wetterström (SWE)
 Ivar Mathisen
and Knut Østby (NOR)
 Thor Axelsson
and Nils Björklöf (FIN)

Women's event

Games Gold Silver Bronze
K-1 500 metres
 Karen Hoff (DEN)  Alida van der Anker-Doedens (NED)  Fritzi Schwingl (AUT)


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