Canton of Aubenton -

Canton of Aubenton

Former canton
No. of communes13
 • Total156.86 km2 (60.56 sq mi)
 • Total3,309
 • Density21/km2 (50/sq mi)

The canton of Aubenton is a former administrative division in northern France. It was disbanded following the French canton reorganisation which came into effect in March 2015. It consisted of 13 communes, which joined the canton of Hirson in 2015.[1] It included the following communes:

Commune Inhabitants Postal code INSEE code
Any-Martin-Rieux 505 2500 02020
Aubenton 713 2500 02031
Beaumé 118 2500 02055
Besmont 146 2500 02079
Coingt 73 2360 02204
Iviers 172 2360 02388
Jeantes 213 2140 02391
Landouzy-la-Ville 530 2140 02405
Leuze 171 2500 02425
Logny-lès-Aubenton 73 2500 02435
Martigny 460 2500 02470
Mont-Saint-Jean 76 2360 02522
Saint-Clément 59 2360 02674


Historical population of Canton of Aubenton
(Source: INSEE)
Population4 0814 4483 9163 6663 6083 309
From the year 1962 on: No double counting—residents of multiple communes (e.g. students and military personnel) are counted only once.

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