Carl Gunderson -

Carl Gunderson

Carl Gunderson
11th Governor of South Dakota
In office
January 6, 1925 – January 4, 1927
LieutenantAlva Clark Forney
Preceded byWilliam H. McMaster
Succeeded byWilliam J. Bulow
13th Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota
In office
January 4, 1921 – January 6, 1925
GovernorWilliam H. McMaster
Preceded byWilliam H. McMaster
Succeeded byAlva Clark Forney
Personal details
BornJune 20, 1864
near Vermillion, Dakota Territory
DiedFebruary 26, 1933 (aged 68)
Mitchell, South Dakota
Political partyRepublican
Spouse(s)Gertrude Bertleson
Alma materUniversity of South Dakota
Cornell University

Carl Gunderson (June 20, 1864[1] – February 26, 1933)[2] was the 11th Governor of South Dakota. Gunderson, a Republican from Mitchell, South Dakota, served from 1925 to 1927.



Gunderson was born in a log cabin in Clay County in the Dakota Territory,[3] near Vermillion. As a young man, he filed a claim on a homestead in Clay County that remained dear to him all his life. He stated that his occupation was a farmer all his life. He attended the University of South Dakota and Cornell University. He went into the mercantile business in Vermillion. He married Gertrude Bertleson and they had four children.[3]


Gunderson served five terms in the state senate of the South Dakota Legislature, being elected in 1892, 1896, 1898, 1900, and again in 1916. Gunderson served as president pro tempore of the senate in the 1899 session and served as the 13th Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota from 1921 to 1925 under Governor William H. McMaster. He was elected governor in 1924.[4]

William J. Bulow defeated Gunderson for re-election in 1926. Gunderson received 40.3 percent of the vote and Bulow received 47.4 percent. A third party candidate and an independent received the remainder of the tally[5] Gunderson had easily defeated Bulow in the election of 1924 by 70.2 percent of the vote to 29.8 percent.[6]


After his defeat he returned to his home in Mitchell until his death on February 26, 1933.[7][8] He was buried on the tract of land that he had homesteaded,[9] Bluff View Cemetery, Vermillion, Clay County, South Dakota US.


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Republican nominee for Governor of South Dakota
1924, 1926
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Political offices
Preceded by
William H. McMaster
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William H. McMaster
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