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Central High School (Phoenix, Arizona)

Central High
4525 North Central Avenue

Arizona 85013

United States
TypePublic secondary school
PrincipalLeticia Avalos
Staff136.40 (FTE)[1]
FacultyApprox. 231
Number of students2,038 (2018-19)[1]
Student to teacher ratio14.99[1]
Color(s)         Red and Gray

Central High School is a high school in the Phoenix Union High School District, Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The campus is located at 4525 North Central Avenue, just north of downtown. It was established in 1957.



As of 2006, Central’s enrollment was 2,370 students. That year over 60 percent of the population was Hispanic. Central also has the highest percentage of Caucasian students in the district, as well as the highest percentage of Native Americans.[2] Central also is noted for its substantial refugee population, one of the largest in the state.[citation needed]

The school predominantly serves students from partner elementary districts Alhambra, Creighton, Madison, Osborn, and Phoenix Elementary.[3] However, students from across the district come to Central for its Phoenix Union Magnet Program in International Studies.[4] Students zoned to Arthur M. Hamilton School of the Murphy School District, meaning those in the district east of Interstate 17 and north of the Maricopa Freeway, are zoned to Central.[5]

The Arizona Department of Education has designated Central a "performing" school.[6] Central has had 96 students recognized as National Merit Scholars in the past 15 years.[7] The International Studies program includes foreign exchange programs.[4]

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