Centralia station (Illinois)

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Centralia, IL
The Centralia station in April 2016.
Location108 East Broadway
Centralia, Illinois 62801[1]
United States
Owned byCity of Centralia
Line(s)CN Centralia Subdivison<
Platforms1 side platform
Disabled accessYes
Other information
StatusRegular stop (Illini/Saluki)
Flag stop (City of New Orleans)
Station codeCEN
201820,783[2]  0.35%
Preceding station Amtrak Following station
Carbondale City of New Orleans Effingham
toward Chicago
Du Quoin
toward Carbondale
Illini and Saluki
Former services
Preceding station Illinois Central Railroad Following station
Irvington Main Line Central City
toward Chicago
toward Freeport
Freeport – Centralia Terminus
Preceding station Amtrak Following station
Du Quoin River Cities Belleville

Centralia is an Amtrak intercity train station in Centralia, Illinois, United States. The station existed as little more than a sheltered platform until an unstaffed waiting area was built in 2003. The new $100,611 station was funded by the city, the Centralia Foundation, the Centralia Area Development Association and the Great American Stations Foundation.[3] The station is a flag stop on the City of New Orleans route, served only when passengers have tickets to and from the station. It is a regular stop on the Illini and Saluki.


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