Charles II, Duke of Elbeuf

Charles II
Duke of Elbeuf
Born5 November 1596
Paris, France
Died5 November 1657 (aged 61)
Hôtel d'Elboeuf, Paris, France
SpouseCatherine Henriette de Bourbon
Charles III of Elbeuf
François Louis, Count of Harcourt
François Marie, Prince of Lillebonne
FatherCharles I, Duke of Elbeuf
MotherMarguerite de Chabot

Charles II, Duke of Elbeuf (5 November 1596 – 5 November 1657), was a French nobleman, the son of Charles I, Duke of Elbeuf, by his wife, Marguerite de Chabot. He succeeded his father in the Elbeuf dukedom (Elboeuf is an alternate, anglicized spelling) in 1605.


He joined the French royal court in 1607, becoming a playmate to the future King Louis XIII. When the latter reached his majority, Charles was appointed Grand Chamberlain of France. He was a loyal servant to the King, of assistance in conflicts with Marie de' Medici, Cardinal Richelieu, and the Huguenots. The Duke of Longueville, governor of Normandy, and loyal to Queen Marie, led a revolt against the king and established camps at Orival, near Elbeuf. The king and Richelieu were the main targets of the revolt, and Charles was appointed governor of Normandy. He took part in the siege of Rochelle, but was wounded at Saint-Jean-d'Angély. He was given the additional post of governor of Picardy.

He died at Paris in 1657.

Marriage and children

On 20 June 1619 he married Catherine Henriette de Bourbon, called Mademoiselle de Vendôme,2 an illegitimate daughter of King Henry IV of France by Gabrielle d'Estrées. They had six children:

Child with Jeanne-Françoise Schotte (family, Van den Gersmoortere alias Schotte, the lords of Herbais):

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