Charles P. de Saint-Aignan -

Charles P. de Saint-Aignan

Minor planets discovered: 12 [1]
8371 Goven October 2, 1991
8710 Hawley May 15, 1994
12306 Pebronstein October 7, 1991
12373 Lancearmstrong May 15, 1994
12374 Rakhat May 15, 1994
(16553) 1991 TL14 October 7, 1991
20017 Alixcatherine October 2, 1991
(21083) 1991 TH14 October 2, 1991
(39544) 1991 TN14 October 7, 1991
(42493) 1991 TG14 October 2, 1991
(58295) 1994 JJ9 May 15, 1994
(100048) 1991 TE14 October 2, 1991

Charles P. de Saint-Aignan (born 16 February 1977, Paris)[2] is an American software engineer who works for IBM on the IBM Watson project. He graduated from St. Paul's School (Concord, New Hampshire), in 1995,[3] followed by Brown University (Providence, Rhode Island), in 1999.

In 1994, Charles worked for Ted Bowell at Lowell Observatory, where he discovered a number of asteroids. He named his first discovery, 8710 Hawley, after Walter N. Hawley, who was his high school physics and astronomy teacher.[4]

The minor planet 5995 Saint-Aignan was named in his honor on the occasion of his 20th birthday.[2]


Brother of Gregory, of CG Partners [dead link]. Cousin of Stéphanie, of Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan Parfums .


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