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Charles Pulley

Sir Charles Thornton Pulley (24 July 1864 – 5 April 1947)[1] was a British racehorse owner and breeder, a member of the London Stock Eschange and Conservative Party politician.

Pulley was born in Cork on 24 July 1864 and educated at King's College School and King's College London. He was later a member of the London Stock Exchange.[2]

In 1912 he was appointed High Sheriff of Herefordshire.[2] Pulley was elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ross at a by-election in May 1918, and held the seat until it was abolished at the general election in December 1918.[3] He was then elected as the Coalition Conservative MP for Hereford.[4]

He was appointed a deputy lieutenant of Herefordshire on 15 January 1919, and resigned from the House of Commons on 22 December 1920.[5]

Pulley was a bloodstock breeder and horses from his stud at Lower Eaton won 460 races.[2] He was appointed a Knight Bachelor in 1922[6]

Pulley had married Iva Hopkins in 1906, she died in 1942 and they had no children.[2] Pulley died at Lower Eaton, Hereford on 5 Apr 1947 aged 82.[2]


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Parliament of the United Kingdom
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Percy Archer Clive
Member of Parliament for Ross
1918December 1918
Constituency abolished
Preceded by
William Hewins
Member of Parliament for Hereford
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Samuel Roberts

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