Scientific classification

Stock, 1975
  • Corallonoxia Stock, 1975
  • Corallovexia Stock, 1975

The Corallovexiidae are a family of parasitic copepods associated with corals and, together with members of the family Asterocheridae, dominate their ecological niche in the West Indies; in the Indo-Pacific, they are replaced by the families Lichomolgidae and Xarifiidae.[1]

The family contains two genera and 10 species, all described by Jan Hendrik Stock in 1975:[2]

Corallonoxia Stock, 1975
  • Corallonoxia baki Stock, 1975
  • Corallonoxia longicauda Stock, 1975
Corallovexia Stock, 1975
  • Corallovexia brevibrachium Stock, 1975
  • Corallovexia dorsospinosa Stock, 1975
  • Corallovexia kristenseni Stock, 1975
  • Corallovexia longibrachium Stock, 1975
  • Corallovexia mediobrachium Stock, 1975
  • Corallovexia mixtibrachium Stock, 1975
  • Corallovexia similis Stock, 1975
  • Corallovexia ventrospinosa Stock, 1975


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