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Counts of Blois

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Count of Blois

Arms of the House of Blois
Creation date832
MonarchLouis the Pious
PeerageNobility of France
First holderWilliam, Count of Blois
Last holderGuy II, Count of Blois
Subsidiary titles
Extinction date1391
Seat(s)Château de Blois

The County of Blois was originally centred on Blois, south of Paris, France. One of the chief cities, along with Blois itself, was Chartres.



Blois was associated with Champagne Province, the House of Châtillon (who tended to reside in Blois), the Dukes of Brittany and, later, with the French royal family. Theobald I, Count of Blois served as Regent to Drogo, Duke of Brittany. Bertha of Blois, the daughter of Odo II of Blois, became Duchess Consort of Brittany through her marriage to Alan II, Duke of Brittany. Stephen Henry's son Stephen of Blois became King of England. Charles de Blois, son of Guy I, Count of Blois, married Joan of Penthievre, the heiress of John III, Duke of Brittany; together, they became principal protagonists in the War of the Breton Succession. Upon the death of his only son, Guy II, Count of Blois sold the county to Louis I, Duke of Orléans and the county passed to the French royal family.

Blois was important during the Hundred Years' War; Joan of Arc based herself there.

The extent of the county varied over time. The northern portion, bordering on Normandy, was sometimes alienated as the County of Chartres, but the Counts of Blois who possessed it did not use a separate title for it. These lands were finally sold to the crown by Joan, Countess of Blois in 1291. In 1439, the area around Châteaudun was separated as Dunois for Jean de Dunois, appointed Count of Dunois.

First creation (832)

Title held by House of Blois.

Second creation (960)

Title held by House of Blois.

Third creation (1230)

Title held by House of Avesnes.

Fourth creation (1241)

Title held by House of Châtillon.


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