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Counts of Saint-Pol

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This is a list of rulers of the county of Saint-Pol, whose territory is now in northern France. The central town of this medieval County of Saint-Pol is Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise.

COUNT PERIOD relation Notes:
House of Flanders
Baldwin I, Count of Flanders 862 - 879 - + Flanders
Baldwin II, Count of Flanders 879 - 918 son + Boulogne, Flanders
Adalolf 918 - 933 son + Boulogne
Arnulf I, Count of Flanders 933 - 962 brother + Flanders, Artois
Arnulf II, Count of Flanders 962 - 988 grandson + Flanders, Artois
Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders 988 - 1035 son + Flanders, Artois, Zeeland (1012-)
House of Campdavaine
Rogier 1031–1067 -
Hugh I 1067–1070 son
Guy I 1070–1083 son
Hugh II 1083–1118 brother
Hugh III 1118–1130 son
Ingelram 1130–1150 son
Anselm 1150–1174 brother
Hugh IV 1174–1205 son
House of Châtillon
Walter III of Châtillon 1205–1219 son-in-law
Guy II 1219–1226 son + Auxerre, Nevers, Tonnere
Hugo V 1226–1249 brother
Guy III 1249–1289 son
Guy IV 1289–1317 son
John 1317–1344 son
Guy V 1344–1360 son
House of Luxemburg
Guy of Luxemburg-Ligny 1360–1371 brother-in-law + Ligny
Walram III of Luxemburg-Ligny 1371–1415 son + Ligny
Philip of Saint-Pol 1415–1430 grandson + Ligny, Brabant-Limburg (1427-)
Johanna of Luxemburg-Saint-Pol 1430 great-aunt + Ligny
Peter I of Saint-Pol 1430–1433 nephew + Brienne
Louis of Saint-Pol 1433–1475 son + Brienne, Ligny, Guise
Peter II of Saint-Pol 1475–1482 son + Brienne, Soissons
Maria of Saint-Pol
+ Francis I of Bourbon-Vendôme
+ Francis de Bourbon, Count of St. Pol
 ? - 1495
 ? - 1545
+ Soissons, Enghien
House of Capet-Bourbon-Vendôme
François II de Bourbon-Saint-Pol 1546 grandson/son
Marie of Bourbon-Vendôme
+ Leonor of Longueville
1546 - 1573
 ? -1573
House of Longueville
Frans of Longueville ? - 1631 son count-regent
Henri I of Longueville 1573–1595 brother
Henri II of Longueville 1631–1662 son
John Louis of Longueville 1662–1668 son
Charles of Longueville 1668–1672 brother
John Louis of Longueville 1672–1694 brother 2nd time
Maria of Longueville 1694–1705 sister
1705 sold Saint-Pol to Louis of Melun (-1724)

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