Count of Zutphen

The title of Count of Zutphen historically belonged to the ruler of the Dutch province of Gelderland (Zutphen being one of the major cities in the province during the medieval period). The lordship was a vassal title before it eventually become a county itself

The line of the Counts of Zutphen became extinct in the 12th century and the title passed again onto the rulers of Guelders, which eventually sold its titles to the duke of Burgundy. After the Guelders Wars, both Guelders and Zupthen ended as part of the Spanish Netherlands until Gelderland became one of the provinces to revolt and form the United Provinces.


Lords of Zutphen

The House of Zutphen comes into existence in 1018 when Otto of Hammerstein becomes the first Lord of Zutphen. In 1046 Henry III, emperor of Germany gives Zutphen to Bishop Bernold of Utrecht. The Lords of Zutphen do not recognize this gift, which leads to some confusion regarding who actually owns Zutphen.

After Ludolf's death it is possible that Zutphen was always intended for Adelheid of Zutphen. It would eventually go to her husband Gottschalk.

Counts of Zutphen

  1. Gerard II († 1131), count of Guelders and of Wassenberg
  2. Conrad II († 1136), count of Luxembourg

Counts of Guelders


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