Dade Moeller

Dade William Moeller
BornFebruary 27, 1927
DiedSeptember 26, 2011 (aged 84)
Resting placeNew Bern, North Carolina
Other namesDade Moeller
Alma mater
Spouse(s)Betty Jean Radford
  • U.S. NRC Meritorious Achievement Award, 1988
  • Distinguished Emeritus Member of the NCRP, 1997
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Engineering Hall of Fame, 1999
  • North Carolina State University
  • Engineering Alumnus of the Year, 2001
  • Health Physics Society
  • Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal, 2003
  • American Academy of Health Physics
  • William McAdams Outstanding Service Award, 2005
  • Harvard University School of Public Health
  • Professor Emeritus Award of Merit, 2006
Scientific career
  • Health physics
  • Radiation protection
  • Environmental protection
ThesisRadionuclides in Reactor Cooling Water-Identification, Source and Control [1] (1957)

Dade Moeller (February 27, 1927 – September 26, 2011) was an internationally known expert in radiation safety and environmental protection.



Dade William Moeller, Ph.D., CHP, P.E. was born in 1927 in Grant, Florida a fishing community located on the intracoastal waterway near the Atlantic Ocean. His father was Robert A. Moeller and his mother was Victoria Moeller and he had 3 brothers, Charles E. Moeller, Robert L. Moeller, and John A. Moeller. In 1949 he married Betty Jean Radford 'Jeanie' of Decatur, Georgia. Moeller died at home from complications due to malignant lymphoma on September 26, 2011.[2][3]

Military service and education

He passed the V-12 Navy College Training Program, and joined the U.S. Navy in 1944. Moeller attended Georgia Tech and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1947 and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering in 1948. After graduating, Dade became a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service, with assignments that included Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Headquarters office in Washington, D.C.[2][4]

In 1957 with sponsorship from the U.S. Public Health Service, Moeller earned the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Nuclear Engineering from North Carolina State University.[1] He taught radiation protection courses at the U.S. Public Health Service's Radiological Health Training Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1959 Moeller joined the Health Physics Society and became a Certified Health Physicist and a Certified Environmental Engineer. In 1961 Moeller became the Officer in Charge at the Northeastern Radiological Health Laboratory in Winchester, Massachusetts and studied radioactive fallout from atomic weapons testing and monitored children's thyroids for the uptake of radioactive iodine. In 1966 Moeller retired from the U.S. Public Health Service.[2][4]

Harvard School of Public Health

Moeller held tenure for 26 years and served as:


Awards and honors


Select publications



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