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Dutchess Stadium

Dutchess Stadium
"The Dutch"
August 2010
Location1500 Route 9D
Town of Fishkill, NY 12524
OwnerHudson Valley Stadium Corp.
OperatorHudson Valley Stadium Corp.
Field sizeLeft field: 325 feet
Center field: 400 feet
Right field: 325 feet
Broke groundJanuary 20, 1994[1]
OpenedJune 18, 1994[6]
Construction cost$8.3 million
($14.3 million in 2019 dollars[2])
ArchitectLiscum McCormack VanVoorhis LLP[3]
Structural engineerGeiger Engineers
Services engineerFellenzer Engineering LLP[4]
General contractorMeyer Contracting Corporation[5]
Hudson Valley Renegades (NYPL) (1994–present)
Manhattan Jaspers (NCAA) (2015–present)
Hudson Valley Fort (FXFL) (2015)

Dutchess Stadium is a sports stadium in the town of Fishkill, New York. Opened in 1994, it holds 4,500 people. It is located on New York State Route 9D.

Visible from the stadium is Fishkill Correctional Facility as well as Interstate 84. Construction of the stadium began in January 1994 and it was ready for Opening Day in June 1994.[7]



The stadium is primarily used for baseball, as the home field of the Hudson Valley Renegades minor league baseball team, the short season-A level team of the Tampa Bay Rays. Each April the stadium hosts the Hudson Valley Baseball Classic between Marist College and the United States Military Academy.[8] Besides baseball it is also used for weddings, catered events and various concerts. The stadium hosts K104's annual KFest concert held in early June, as well as a rock concert, usually held in late August. Performing artists have included Akon, Rihanna, Fat Joe, Counting Crows, Collective Soul, Wilco, Def Leppard, Bob Dylan, Drake and Adam Lambert, among others.

On July 15, 2014, it was announced that Manhattan College's baseball team will play all of their home competitions at Dutchess Stadium [9]

The stadium's first football tenant, the Hudson Valley Fort of the Fall Experimental Football League, took up residence in the stadium in October 2015.[10] Some high school football playoff contests were also to be held at the stadium that year, but the stadium was later determined to be unsafe as a football venue and those games were canceled.[11]


In addition to concessions, the stadium features a kids area, which includes an ice cream shop and play areas. The entire field, excluding the pitchers mound and home plate area, was converted to Astro-Turf in the spring of 2014.[12]

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