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Everything (P-Money album)

Studio album by
Released3 May 2010 (NZ)
18 June 2010 (AU)
GenreHip hop
LabelDirty Records (NZ)
Central Station (AU)
P-Money chronology
Magic City
Singles from Everything
  1. "Everything featuring Vince Harder"
    Released: 2008
  2. "Angels"
    Released: 2009
  3. "Say Yeah featuring David Dallas & Aaradhna"
    Released: March 2010
  4. "Falling Down featuring Milan Borich"
    Released: June 2010

Everything is the third studio album by P-Money, released on 3 May 2010 in New Zealand and on 18 June 2010 in Australia on Central Station. Everything is the first studio album released by P-Money since 2004. The album contains one of P-Money's most successful singles to date, "Everything".

Track listing

All tracks are written by P-Money, except where noted.

1."Everything" (featuring Vince Harder) 3:38
2."Say Yeah" (featuring David Dallas & Aaradhna)P-Money, Ben Grymm3:50
3."The Soul" 4:01
4."Big Things Pt. 2" (featuring Scribe, PNC & David Dallas) 3:21
5."Falling Down" (featuring Milan Borich) 2:56
6."Weak" (featuring Vince Harder) 3:17
7."Love Alone" (featuring Vince Harder)P-Money, Grymm3:25
8."Dance with You" (featuring PNC, Vince Harder, Meryl Cassie & Mz J) 3:28
9."Green Light" (featuring Scribe) 3:17
10."Angels" 4:48
11."Love Alone (Remix)" (featuring Vince Harder & David Dallas)P-Money, Grymm3:10
12."Everything (Rap remix)" (featuring Scribe, David Dallas, PNC & Vince Harder) 3:28
13."Everything (Blame remix)" (featuring Vince Harder) 5:17
Total length:48:05

"Falling Down" is based on samples from "Silently Falling" by Chris Squire on his 1975 album Fish Out of Water.


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