Figgjo (company)

Figgjo AS is a Norwegian ceramics manufacturing company based in Figgjo in the municipality of Sandnes, Norway.[1]


Figgjo was founded by Harald Lima and Sigurd Figved in 1941. In 1946, designer and ceramist Ragnar Grimsrud (1902-1988) became co-owner and general manager of Figgjo. The company took its current form in 1968 following the merger of Stavangerflint AS with Figgjo Fajanse AS.[2]

The company has a factory, museum and factory outlet at Figgjo. It specializes in vitrified china for the domestic and professional catering markets. The underglaze backstamps FF, Figgjo Fajanse and Figgjo Flint are found on the company's products. [3][4]


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