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Football in Denmark

Football in Denmark
Governing bodyDanish Football Association
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Association football is the most popular sport in Denmark, with 331,693 players and 1,647 clubs registered (as of 2016)[1] under the Danish FA. The game was introduced into Denmark by British sailors.[2]


Men's league system

The Copenhagen Football Championship, known as Fodboldturneringen, was established in 1889 as the first domestic league by the Danish Football Association (DBU). Since its founding, many other regional leagues was founded in Denmark. A national league championship was first established in 1927 with the first season being held as 1927–28 Danmarksmesterskabsturneringen. The different leagues was linked together to create a pyramidal structure allowing promotion and relegation between different levels.

The top four levels in Denmark are governed by the Danish Football Association and, the first three divisions by its professionel body Divisionsforeningen.[3] The top 3 are collectively called Danmarksturneringen i fodbold (literally: the Denmark Tournament or Danish Championship), and share a common set of rules more geared towards professional football. Reserve teams are allowed in the league structure, but can only reach the Denmark Series. The Danish Superliga clubs' reserve teams, primarily, have their own reserve competition.

The lower divisions are controlled by the six regional associations. The number of divisions in the lower series under the auspices of the local football association vary greatly depending on the association's size.

Competition records

European Cup

The following teams have advanced to elimination rounds in the European Cup.

UEFA Champions League

The following teams have advanced to elimination rounds in the UEFA Champions League.

UEFA Cup/Europa League

The following teams have advanced to elimination rounds in the UEFA Cup (now Europe League).

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup

The following teams have advanced to elimination rounds in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup.

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