Francis I, Duke of Nevers

Francis I
Duke of Nevers
Count of Eu
Count of Rethel
Francis I of Cleves, Duke of Nevers (by François Clouet)
Born2 September 1516
Died13 February 1561 (aged 44)
Noble familyLa Marck
Spouse(s)Marguerite of Bourbon-La Marche
Francis II, Duke of Nevers
Henriette, Duchess of Nevers
James, Duke of Nevers
FatherCharles II, Count of Nevers
MotherMarie d'Albret, Countess of Rethel

Francis I of Cleves, (2 September 1516 – 13 February 1561) was a commander in the French Royal Army and the first Duke of Nevers. He participated in the suppression of the Amboise conspiracy.

The only son of Charles II of Nevers (died in the Louvre in 1521) and Marie d'Albret, Countess of Rethel, Francis succeeded his father as Count of Nevers and Eu.[1] In 1539, he became Duke of Nevers.[2] When his mother died in 1549, he also inherited the title of Count of Rethel.

In 1538, Francis married Marguerite of Bourbon-La Marche (1516–1589), daughter of Charles de Bourbon, Duke of Vendôme and Françoise of Alençon.[3]

They had:


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Francis I, Duke of Nevers
Born: 2 September 1516 Died: 1 February 1561
Preceded by
Charles II
Count of Nevers
Succeeded by
Francis II (1561–1562)
James (1562–1564)
Henriette of Cleves (1564–1601)

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