Fulda (river)

The Fulda in Kassel
Course of the Fulda shown in red
StatesHesse and Lower Saxony
Physical characteristics
 • locationRhön
 • coordinates
 • elevation850 m (2,790 ft)
 • location
 • coordinates
Length220.4 km (137.0 mi) [1]
Basin size6,947 km2 (2,682 sq mi) [2]
Basin features
ProgressionWeserNorth Sea
 • leftSchlitz, Eder
 • rightHaune, Losse

The Fulda (German pronunciation: [ˈfʊlda]) is a river of Hesse and Lower Saxony, Germany. It is one of two headstreams of the Weser (the other one being the Werra). The Fulda is 220.4 kilometres (137.0 mi) long.[1]

The river arises at Wasserkuppe in the Rhön mountains in Hesse. From there it runs northeast, flanked by the Knüll mountains in the west and the Seulingswald in the east. Near Bebra it changes direction to the northwest.

After joining the Eder river it flows straight north until Kassel, then changes direction to the northeast, with the Kaufungen Forest east and the beginning of the Reinhardswald forest northwest. The north end of the river meets the Werra in Hannoversch Münden, Lower Saxony, where the Fulda and the Werra join to form the Weser river.

Cities along the Fulda include:

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