Gediz River Delta

Gediz Delta
Locationİzmir Province, Turkey
Nearest cityİzmir
Area14,900 ha (58 sq mi)
Governing bodyMinistry of Agriculture and Forestry
Official nameGediz Delta
Designated15 April 1998
Reference no.945[1]

The Gediz Delta is the river delta at the confluence of the Gediz River with the Gulf of İzmir, in İzmir Province in western Turkey. It is a 14,900 ha area of land that occupies coastal parts of Foça, Menemen, and Çiğli districts.[2] It is one of the largest areas of coastal wetlands in Turkey and has a biodiversity of plants and birds.[2] It is a Ramsar site since 1998 and an Important Bird Area since 2000.[1][3] It is 26 km from İzmir city center.[2]


Flora and fauna

The delta is home to more than 250 bird species and hosts approximately 80,000 birds in winter.[2] It provides shelter for 10% of the world's flamingo population.[4]


Remains of the former Ionian town of Leucae is located on the delta.[2]


Çamaltı Salt Pan, which is located on the delta, provides one third of Turkey's salt production.[2]


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