Georgian–Mongolian treaty of 1239

Treaty of 1239
ConditionRusudan had to accept the sovereignty of the Golden Horde.
Signatories Batu Khan
Queen Rusudan
Parties Golden Horde
Kingdom of Georgia

In 1235–1236, Mongol forces, unlike their first raid in 1221, appeared with the sole purpose of conquest and occupation of Kingdom of Georgia and easily overran the already devastated kingdom.[1] Queen Rusudan fled to the security of western Georgia, while the nobles secluded themselves in their fortresses. Finally, in 1239, on Ivane I Jaqeli’s advice, Rusudan sent four envoys; her amirspasalar (commander-in-chief) and atabeg (tutor) Avag Mkhargrdzeli, the mandaturtukhutsesi (grand master of ceremonies) Shanshe Mkhargrdzeli, the msakhurtukhutsesi (majordomo) Vahram Gageli and Eritavi (duke) of Hereti Shota Kupri), to negotiate surrender to Chaghatai. The Mongol leader received the envoys graciously and released Georgian prisoners.

To ensure her personal immunity, Rusudan set off with Arsen, bishop of Chqondidi and mtsignobartukhutsesi (chancellor), on the long trek to Batu Khan’s capital on the Volga and peace treaty was signed on following terms:[2]


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