List of Jupiter trojans (Greek camp) -

List of Jupiter trojans (Greek camp)

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This is a list of Jupiter trojans that lie in the Greek camp, an elongated, curved region around the leading Lagrangian point (L4), 60° ahead of Jupiter's orbit.[1]

All the asteroids at Jupiter's L4 point have names corresponding to participants on the Greek side of the Trojan War, except for 624 Hektor, which was named before this naming convention was instituted. Correspondingly, 617 Patroclus is a Greek-named asteroid at the "Trojan" (L5) Lagrangian point.

Trojans in the Greek and Trojan camp are discovered mainly in turns, because they are separated by 120°, and for a period of time one group of trojans will be behind the Sun, and the other will be visible.


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