Greg Brown (American football coach)

Greg Brown
Current position
TitleCornerbacks coach
ConferenceBig Ten
Biographical details
BornOctober 10, 1957 (age 62)
Arvada, Colorado
Alma materUTEP (1980)[1]
Playing career
Coaching career (HC unless noted)
1981UTEP (GA)
1982Green Mountain HS (CO) (DC)
1983–1984Denver Gold (DB)
1984–1986Tampa Bay Buccaneers (assistant)
1987–1988Wyoming (DB)
1989–1990Purdue (DB)
1991–1993Colorado (DB)
1994Atlanta Falcons (DB)
1995–1996San Diego Chargers (DB)
1997–1998Tennessee Oilers (DB)
1999San Francisco 49ers (DB)
2000–2001Atlanta Falcons (DB)
2002–2005New Orleans Saints (assistant)
2005–2010Colorado (DB)
2010Arizona (co-DC)
2011–2012Colorado (DC)
2013Alabama (DB)
2014–2015Louisville (DB)
2016Missouri (CB)
2017–2018Auburn (DB)
2019–presentPurdue (CB)

Greg Brown (born October 10, 1957) is an American football coach. He is the cornerbacks coach at Purdue University, a position he had held since 2019.[2] He was previously the secondary coach for Auburn University and the Missouri Tigers.[3] Brown, for one season, was the secondary coach for Alabama. He was hired by the Crimson Tide in January 2013 after he served as defensive coordinator for Colorado.[4][5] In 2010, he was co-defensive coordinator for the Arizona Wildcats. Before becoming co-defensive coordinator with Tim Kish, he previously served as secondary coach for the Colorado Buffaloes.


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