Guigues VI of Viennois

Guigues VI
Dauphin of Viennois
Coat of Arms of Viennois
Died14 March 1237
Noble familyHouse of Burgundy
Spouse(s)Beatrice de Sabran
Beatrice of Montferrat
FatherHugh III, Duke of Burgundy
MotherBeatrice of Albon

Andrew Guigues VI (1184 – 14 March 1237), known as André de Bourgogne, Dauphin of Viennois, was the Count of Albon, Briançon, Grenoble, and Oisans from 1228 until his death. He was the son of Hugh III of Burgundy and Béatrice of Albon. He took his regnal name after and inherited the titles and lands of his maternal grandfather, Guigues V.

During his reign he was a generous patron of monasteries and he expanded his territory by diplomacy rather than war. He founded the collegiate church Saint-André of Grenoble, which is today the last existing monument built by the delphinal dynasty, and where he and some of his successors were buried.[1]

In 1228, Guigues was supporting Turin in their attempts to trade without paying heavy duties to Thomas, Count of Savoy. This was despite the treaty that had been made between the families when Guigues's sister, Marguerite married the count's son and heir.[2]


In 1202 he married Beatrice (1182 – before 1248), Countess of Gap and Embrun, daughter of Rainon I of Sabran. They had:

In 1215 Guigues divorced Beatrice and on 15 November 1219 married Beatrice, daughter of William VI of Montferrat.[3] She was the domna (lady) of the troubadour Gauseran de Saint Leidier. She bore Guigues two sons:


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