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Hafız Ahmed Pasha


Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
In office
25 October 1631 – 10 February 1632
MonarchMurad IV
Preceded byGazi Hüsrev Pasha
Succeeded byTopal Recep Pasha
In office
28 January 1625 – 1 December 1626
MonarchMurad IV
Preceded byÇerkes Mehmed Pasha
Succeeded byDamat Halil Pasha
Personal details
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Died10 February 1632 (aged 67-68)
Istanbul, Turkey

Hafız Ahmed Pasha (1564 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – 10 February 1632 in Istanbul), also known by epithet Müezzinzade ("muezzin's son"), was an Ottoman grand vizier.[1] Born as son of a Pomak muezzin,[2] he went to Istanbul at the age of 15 and was an employee in the sultan's palace for many years. From 1609 on, he became Governor of Damascus (Damascus), Van (Turkey), Erzurum (Turkey), Baghdad (Iraq), and other Anatolian eyalets.

He served as grand vizier twice and died in office during a revolt on 10 February 1632, when the Janissaries attempted to overthrow Sultan Murad IV.[citation needed]

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  2. ^ Danişmend (1971), p. 33. (Turkish)
Political offices
Preceded by
Çerkes Mehmed Pasha
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
28 January 1625 – 1 December 1626
Succeeded by
Damat Halil Pasha
Preceded by
Gazi Ekrem Hüsrev Pasha
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
25 October 1631 – 10 February 1632
Succeeded by
Topal Recep Pasha

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