Halifax Media Group

Halifax Media Holdings, LLC
FoundedDaytona Beach, Florida, United States March 31, 2010
Headquarters2339 Beville Road
Daytona Beach, Florida 32119
United States
Area served
United States
ProductsNorthwest Florida Daily News
The Daytona Beach News-Journal
The Gadsden Times
The Gainesville Sun
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Halifax Media Group was a U.S. newspaper company owning more than 30 newspapers in five Southeastern U.S. States. It was founded on March 31, 2010 when a group of investors purchased The Daytona Beach News-Journal from the Davidson family, who had owned it for 82 years.[1] On December 27, 2011, The New York Times Company announced it was selling its Regional Media Group to Halifax Media Group.[2] On June 1, 2012, Halifax announced it was acquiring the Florida and North Carolina papers of Freedom Communications.[4] In 2013, Halifax acquired three newspapers from HarborPoint Media:[5] the Daily Commercial of Leesburg, Florida, the South Lake Press in Clermont, Florida and News-Sun of Sebring, Florida.[6] In 2014, Halifax acquired the Telegram & Gazette of Worcester, Massachusetts.[7] In November 2014, New Media Investment Group announced its acquisition of Halifax.[8] The company was created with the assistance of Stephens Inc. In 2019 GateHouse Media merged with Gannett,Inc.



The Halifax Media Group owns the following assets:[1][9]





North Carolina

South Carolina


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