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Hangzhou High School

Hangzhou High School
No.238, Fengqi Road, Xiacheng District(Gongyuan Campus)
No.1958, East Zhijiang Road, Jianggan District(Qianjiang Campus)

MottoScience, Democracy, Truth, Creativity (科学、民主、求真、创新)
Established1899 清光绪二十五年(the twenty-fifth year of Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty)
HeadmasterXiaoxiong Cai 蔡小雄
Average class sizeabout 50

Hangzhou High School (Chinese: 浙江省杭州高级中学), or Hanggao, established in 1899, is one of the most famous high schools in Southern China. It was the earliest-founded public high school in Zhejiang Province. There are 52 academicians who graduated from the institution(as of 2018).

Hangzhou High School has two campuses, the Gongyuan Campus at No.238, Fengqi Road, and the Qianjiang Campus at No.1958 East Zhijiang Road. The Qianjiang Campus started operating in September, 2015.[1] This new campus including the International Division, which provide AP Courses to students.[2]

Hangzhou High School also participates in several international exchange programs with high schools oversea. There is Dover-Sherborn Exchange with Dover-Sherborn High School in Boston, MA.[3]


Club activities

Hanggao Observatory

Hanggao Observatory, also known as "Hangzhou High School Astronomy Club" or HGOB, is the student astronomy club. 48700 Hanggao (provisional designation: 1996 HZ21) is a main-belt minor planet. It was discovered through the Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program at the Xinglong Station in the Yan Mountains of China on April 17, 1996. It is named after Hangzhou High School.

Hanggao Model United Nations

Hanggao Model United Nations, also known as “HGMUN”,is a non-profit academic organization established in 2011 by students in Hangzhou High School who cares about politics and is eager to contribute to the world peace and development. The association adheres to the principle of academic supremacy and positiveness, enriches the campus life of its members, fully carries out various activities, trains students' speaking ability, and shapes young talents with core competitiveness. We hope to open up the horizon of our students through our activities,which is in order to promote the importance of the "youngster vision" of today's world.

 So far, Hanggao Model United Nations has held four sessions of the Model United Nations Conference(HGMUNC) in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Among them, the 2018 Hangzhou High School Model United Nations Conference has more than 150 representatives from 16 high schools and 3 universities——Haining High School, Jinhua No. 1 Middle School, Jiashan High School, Jinyun Middle School, Shaoxing No. 1 Middle School, Ningbo No. 3 Middle School; Outside Zhejiang province includes Jiangsu Qianhuang Senior High School, Shanghai Maple Leaf International School, China Metrology University, etc.

The development of Hanggao Model United Nations Conference has moved from the initial school-level conference to the municipal level, and then to the regional conferences out of Hangzhou City, out of Zhejiang Province, and to the world. After the closing of each Hanggao Model United Nations Conference, it would be highly praised by every representative.

Hanggao Lu Xun Literature Club

On October 10, 1921, Wang Jingzhi, Pan Mohua, Feng Xuefeng and other students from Zhejiang First Normal School(Predecessor of Hangzhou High School) founded the literature club “Chenguang Club” (the “Lakeside Poetry Club” was established the following year), and received the support of teachers such as Ye Shengtao, Zhu Ziqing, who taught them at that time. That meant the birth of the earliest new literary group in Zhejiang, and the creation of a new era of Hangzhou schools' century-old tradition.

Lu Xun Literature Club, also known as "Luwen", is based on the tradition of humanity and high standards of literature. The activities of the Literature Club are mainly organized by the students themselves, guided by the instructors, and have already formed an efficient organization.

Notable alumni

Arts and literature

Government and politics



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